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Companion Sites
10-16-2013, 02:13 PM
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Companion Sites
THE Hoover Forum was designed for discussion of topics relevant to the city of Hoover, Alabama.

The concept of the site is to have civilized dialog of topics, hence the requirement of registering with a Facebook account. This allows everyone else to see who they are talking to without the shield of being anonymous (we found people tend to be a little more polite and less of a bully when they are who they are).

Every once in a while, though, some references have to be made, facts have to be posted, and a forum is not the place for it, since it could get lost. Because of this, we're partnering up with other sites on the internet that we feel provide good (and accurate) reference material. We'll post a link to those sites in the description field of the Board.

The first of these sites is Hoover City Schools Facts - Facts you can't find anywhere else. This is a one-stop plethora of information about Hoover City Schools. You name it, it's there. And if it's not there, it will be there.

As with all of the sites we reference as companion sites, these sites don't have the discussion portion enabled. That's what THE Hoover Forum is for.

Look for more sites in the future.
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